Trump wants to block the release of the "Capitol Documents" through a judge

Trump wants to block the release of the “Capitol Documents” through a judge

Donald Trump went to court over a parliamentary inquiry into the January 6 storming of the Capitol. The then-president wants to prevent the release of White House documents about that storm, such as secret conversations with staff.

According to Trump, such conversations fall under Executive FranchiseThe right for every president to consult freely with advisors, without fear that those secret conversations will eventually come to the fore in Congress or the courts.

‘fishing trip’

President Biden said earlier that he did not want that right to be respected in this case, because he says the storming of the Capitol was an exceptional event. So, Biden has already allowed the National Archives, where government documents are stored, to release documents requested by the investigative committee. That will happen next month.

But Trump believes the congressional inquiry is asking for too many documents, not all of them related to the Capitol Storm. He says in the indictment that the investigation is illegal and very thorough and talks about “fishing trip‘, a term used when requesting as many documents as possible without making clear exactly what is being searched for.

For example, the commission requested all documents dated January 6 that relate to statements by Trump or others. The former president hopes to be able to stop the release of the documents by order of the court.


This isn’t the first time Trump has tried to block a congressional investigation. Earlier, contact the ex-employees who were summoned Already so shut up, again because of Executive Franchise.

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One of those employees, former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, came on Thursday Not showing up at all in the investigation committee. He also believes that the conversations between him and Trump were secret and that the congressional committee could not force him to reveal their contents.

The committee says today that it rejects that line of thought, but it is unclear how it will proceed. Bannon has said through his attorney that he will not cooperate with the committee until the judge rules on Trump’s appeal to the committee. Executive Franchise.


The purpose of the Congressional Committee of Inquiry is to determine the extent to which then-President Trump was responsible for the storming of the Capitol.

A look back at that storm, on January 6 this year:

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