Trump loses appeal over Capitol storming documents  abroad

Trump loses appeal over Capitol storming documents abroad

“Based on the statements made available to us by former President Trump, we see no basis to reject President Biden’s decision,” the three justices wrote in their ruling. According to the judges, the documents are “relevant and necessary for the investigation into the assault on the legislature and its constitutional role in the peaceful transfer of the presidency.”

Earlier, a lower court approved Joe Biden’s decision to make those documents about events in the White House available to the House Inquiry Committee investigating the attack on the Capitol.

Trump wants to keep the documents secret, in reference to the presidential privilege he enjoyed while in office. But the judges decided that “the right of a former president certainly does not outweigh the right of the incumbent.” Trump has two weeks to appeal to the Supreme Court.

The former president wants to keep more than 770 pages of documents secret. These include documents from his closest advisers, notes to his spokesman, records of telephone conversations and a draft of the speech he gave at the meeting that led to the storming of the Capitol.

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