Trump keeps the Republican Party on hold

Since Donald Trump retired from his post as President of the United States, he has mostly disappeared from public life. But he did not play politically. From Florida, he maintains an iron grip on the Republican Party. Whoever topples Trump will push the Republican Party aside.

January 20, 2021. As Capitol Hill prepares to install Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States, his predecessor Donald Trump will board Air Force One a few miles away with his family for the last time (for now). Destination: Mar-a-Lago, Trump Resort, Florida.

Since then, the 1970s have disappeared from public life. While Biden has sparked a silent revolution in his country over the past three and a half months, the former White House resident has spent his time playing golf and entertaining visitors to his resort. But his electoral defeat has not devoured the real estate billionaire yet. Across Their websiteNew Voice Outlet After Twitter and Facebook were banned, Trump continues to be accused of fraud in the 2020 presidential race.

the essence

  • Since Donald Trump retired from the presidency at the start of this year, he has mostly disappeared from public life.
  • On his website, he continues to claim that the Democrats stole the 2020 election.
  • Because the rhetoric resonates with many Republican voters, the old big party is increasingly embracing Trumpism.
  • Critical voices in the party are disappearing from the fore, and Republicans in state parliaments are working to amend the election law in hopes of paving the way for a return to power.

Not without success. The rhetoric about the “stolen election” cast doubt on Biden’s legitimacy among some Americans. A CNN poll conducted last week showed that nearly a third of respondents believed the Democrat was not legally collecting enough votes to take over the presidency. In fact, this belief persists in seven out of ten Republican voters.

Liz Cheney

This discovery is increasingly pushing the old Great Party (GOP) to embrace Trumpism. Party leaders and many members of Congress and state parliaments argue, “This is the shortest path back to power.” Those who do not agree with this strategy can no longer count on a prominent role in the party.

Liz Cheney lives that up these days. The daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney is currently the number three Republican Party in the House of Representatives. But maybe not for long anymore: The Republican faction will likely vote Wednesday away from the Republican convention chair.

The Wyoming lawmaker lost the approval of several party members as she refused to keep up with Trump’s speech. In fact, she was opposed.

Election fraud

Not only did the 54-year-old lawyer appoint the billionaire responsible for storming the Capitol on January 6, she was also one of ten Republican lawmakers who voted to impeach him a few weeks later. Strongly rejects Trump’s allegations of election fraud.

When the 45th president announced last week that he would now describe the “ fraudulent presidential election of 2020 ” as the “ big lie, ” Cheney had an immediate answer: “ The 2020 elections have not been stolen. Whoever claims otherwise will spread the big lie. ” It turns your back on the rule of law and poisons our democratic system.

In her eyes, Trump no longer has a place in the Republican Party. In the Washington Post, she called on her party members a few days ago to “free themselves from the dangerous anti-democracy sect” surrounding Trump. “The future of the party and our democracy is at stake.”


But Trump’s iron grip on the Republican Party is not just about getting rid of critical voices in the party. It is expressed in other ways, too. In Arizona, Republicans are starting a new examination of the results of the November election.

Republicans want to demonstrate that the presidential race has been decisively shaped by fake election letters printed on bamboo-fiber paper.

The audit is looking for traces of bamboo on ballots in Maricopa County. They want to prove that the presidential race was decisively shaped by fake election letters printed on bamboo-fiber paper. They were supposed to travel from Southeast Asia in the fall of 2020.

The approach cannot change the election results. Congress approved it in January. But Republicans are spreading doubts again.


Meanwhile, the Republican Party prepares for the upcoming elections. In dozens of states, Republicans have taken initiatives to amend the election law. In their view, the amendments are necessary “to ensure fair and free elections.” Opponents argue that these minorities are disenfranchised.

The Democrats have already begun the counterattack in the US Congress. Through a “law for the people,” they are pushing for an overhaul of the election rules. Biden recently said, “The law will heal the spirit of America by ensuring equal access to elections.”

70 percent

Republican electors

Seven out of ten Republican voters are convinced that Joe Biden has not legally won the presidential election.

Whether this strategy is sufficient to prevent the Republican Party from regaining power with Trumpian prescriptions will become clear in the 2022 mid-term elections and the 2024 presidential race.

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