Trump calls the US exit from Afghanistan a great insult |  Abroad

Trump calls the US exit from Afghanistan a great insult | Abroad

Trump called Biden’s decision “the greatest humiliation of foreign policy” in US history. “Biden’s failed departure from Afghanistan is the most surprising display of the incompetence of a national leader,” he told supporters at a rally in Coleman, Alabama.

Give up

The Trump administration reached an agreement with the Taliban on the withdrawal of US forces during negotiations in Doha, Qatar, last year. However, Trump says Biden did not stick to the plan his government set out to withdraw. “This was not a withdrawal, it was a complete surrender,” the former president said. The Republican added that the Taliban respected him and that the takeover of Afghanistan would not have happened if he was still president. “We could have left with honor. We should have done so. Instead, we will walk away with honor.”

Earlier this week, the former president had already stated that he believed his successor should resign due to the Taliban’s rapid invasion of Afghanistan. “It is time for Joe Biden to shamefully step aside for what he allowed to happen,” Trump said in a statement.

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