Travis Kelce makes his debut on Taylor Swift’s Instagram |  RTL Street

Travis Kelce makes his debut on Taylor Swift’s Instagram | RTL Street


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RTL Street

Travis Kelce has been calling himself Taylor Swift’s boyfriend for nearly a year, but so far the American football player has yet to appear on the singer’s social media accounts. The athlete made his debut on Saturday, in a selfie that also featured Prince William and his children George and Charlotte.

Even though Swift turned off the comments under the photo, the singer’s fans on X still responded to the scoop. “Are you telling me the first time Travis was posted on Taylor’s social media was with Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte? This is iconic,” one follower wrote on X.

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Other fans discovered that Kelce, who apparently hadn’t been active on Swift’s Instagram account before, also liked some other photos of his girlfriend.

Swift is currently in the UK for a series of shows. On Saturday and Sunday, just like last Friday, it will be at Wembley Stadium in London. The singer will be coming to Amsterdam for The Eras Tour on July 4-6. She performs at Johan Cruyff Arena.

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