Toyota sells more than 9 million cars

Toyota sells more than 9 million cars

Toyota sells more than 9 million cars

Toyota sold 9087303 new cars in the last fiscal year, four percent less than last year. The company sold 7.5 million cars outside of Japan. Including sub-brand Daihatsu and trucks from Hino, the Toyota Group brings in 9,919,759 vehicles, a decrease of five percent. For comparison: in the 2020 calendar year, the Volkswagen Group sold 9,305,400 cars.

In the first quarter of this year, Toyota saw global sales increase by more than 19 percent to 2,460,124 vehicles. Outside of Japan, Toyota sold 22 percent more cars. This increase is mainly due to March when Toyota managed to increase sales by 44 percent worldwide due to excellent performance in China and the United States.

Nine percent

The Japanese group also reported that between April 2020 and the end of March this year, 9,474,638 vehicles rolled off the assembly line at all of its plants, a decrease of nearly nine percent. For the Toyota brand itself, the decrease in actual production was limited to four percent.

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