Toto Wolff argues in favor of introducing a salary cap: 'It has become a controversial topic'

Toto Wolff argues in favor of introducing a salary cap: ‘It has become a controversial topic’

If it is up to Toto Wolff, Formula 1 will soon make plans to cut exorbitant salaries. The Mercedes team boss believes it is “inappropriate” for an unlimited amount of money to flow to drivers at a time of inflation and a budget cap.

The salary cap is a topic that is causing a split within the Formula 1 circuit. For example, drivers oppose a set limit on their pay slip, but teams are very happy to spend less on salary. The current budget cap includes salaries for all team employees, but drivers are not affected, as is the case for the three highest paid employees. Sergio Perez previously noted that drivers do the show and above all take risks and that a higher salary is appropriate. Wolf adds It has become a controversial topic to say the least.

tough discussion

According to the Mercedes team boss, it’s a tough case. For example, he finds it difficult to sell that all staff are within the current budget cap and that many teams are struggling with inflation, thus recently receiving a raise from the FIA. “You can’t get a 30, 40 or 50 million salary bill on some of the big teams if the rest of the team has to be split into $140 million,” he said. However, he also emphasizes the other side of the coin: “But other than that, they are great stars who deserve to be among the highest earners in the sport.”

Follow America

The Haas team boss also agrees with his Mercedes teammate’s words, although Guenther Steiner’s position is more understandable. The American team does not have a large budget and therefore a royal salary is not possible for the relatively small team. Italian refers to examples from the United States. “He’s doing really well there,” he explains. “We can learn something from these major American sports competitions.”

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However, there is no single way in the United States by which the salaries of top athletes are handled. For example, it varies with competition and allows some exceptions in basketball, for example. It remains a hot topic in sports as there are a lot of divisions.

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