Top 6 Alternatives to Google Maps: Maps & Navigation Apps

Top 6 Alternatives to Google Maps: Maps & Navigation Apps

Google Maps is the navigation app that comes pre-installed on every Android phone, and on iPhones too, many people prefer the app over Apple Maps. However, in this article we will be looking at the best alternatives to Google Maps. Perhaps you are looking for a lighter app or alternative other than Google? Discover our selection.

1. Sygic

One of the most downloaded and complete apps for maps and navigation is sygic. It comes with offline maps that come from different providers, including TomTom. In addition, the application collects data from more than 500 million users in order to take into account the traffic situation on the road. It will also show you the maximum allowed speed during your route, and you can Connect to Android Auto If your car supports it.

Sygic also comes with a number of advantages over maps. First, there’s a dashcam function that lets you record while you’re driving, but the app can also display a head-up display on the front when driving at night. Sygic can help you save money, because the app understands fuel prices and parking ticket prices.

GPS Navigation & Sygic Maps

Sygic is a navigation system like Google Maps and TomTom. It is not free, to use the maps you will have to purchase them from the Google Play Store. The ..

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2. Magic Earth

Magic Earth Profiles itself as a privacy-friendly navigation app that does not track its users and does not create profiles. All map data comes from OpenStreetmaps, and the app works for those who travel by car, on foot, by bike, or using public transportation.

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Interestingly, this app allows you to choose between a 2D, 3D, or satellite map view. 3D view can help you navigate more easily. In addition, the app offers support for offline maps and a smart dashcam function that also warns you of dangers. Magic Earth will notify you of speed cameras on your route so you can avoid costly fines. Finally, when you reach your destination, you can discover the parking spaces nearby. The app also integrates with Wikipedia so you can learn more about your destination.

Magic Earth Navigation & Maps

Magic Earth Navigation & Maps

Find the best route to your destination even without the Internet. Magic Earth uses OpenStreetMap data and a powerful search engine to give you the optimal paths for..

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Top 6 Alternatives to Google Maps: Maps & Navigation Apps

3. Here WeGo

here we are It has long been called Ovi Maps and was one of the few strongholds on Nokia phones when it was introduced with Symbian. Today, Here WeGo is still one of the best navigation apps you can find. You can easily download offline regions by country or province, so just download what you need.

The app has excellent route directions that show exactly the correct route or exit, and you’ll also get directions when transporting by public transportation. The app also understands traffic information, nearby parking spaces, taxi costs and public transportation.

Here WeGo - City Navigation

4. Waze

wizz Since 2013 part of google, and although this acquisition is not permanent on roll Waze is still a very powerful navigation app. The app does a good job of drawing strength from its community for a long time. Users simply report speed cameras, detours, or dangerous objects on the track.

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Waze is also known for changing its lane very quickly based on traffic. You say when you want to get somewhere, and Waze tells you when you should leave. The app also integrates music and podcast services like Maps, works with Andorid Auto and is aware of nearby fuel prices and parking.

Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic & Live Navigation

Top 6 Alternatives to Google Maps: Maps & Navigation Apps

5. Google Maps Go + Navigation

Maybe you want to use Maps, but you are looking for a lighter version that also works more smoothly on phones with less powerful hardware. Go . Maps It is Google’s Android GO app, which means that it takes on the main functions of the original, but in a different package. In fact, Google Maps Go works as a web app through Chrome. It is important that you unplug the application”Navigation for Google Maps GoIf you also want to navigate.

Google Maps Go: Roads, Traffic and Public Transportation

Navigation for Google Maps Go

Navigation for Google Maps Go

This app contains voice navigation for Google Maps Go. This app has the same navigation quality as the original version of Google Maps, but…

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6. OsmAnd

Like Magic Earth, the navigation app uses the free OpenStreetMap maps. So OsmAnd means: OpenStreetMap Automated Navigation Directions. So the app adds navigation and is completely open source. Maps can be downloaded offline, they contain information about contour lines and terrain, speed is displayed, public transport stations are shown with information about line numbers.

The app also knows hiking trails and bike trails nearby, so there’s a dedicated view for hikers and cyclists who use commuting. OsmAnd allows you to export your route and you can also share it directly with friends, just like in Google Maps.

What Google Maps alternative are you using? Is it an app not on this list? If yes, which one? You may not want to quit Google Maps after reading these apps. What are the most important features of Maps for you? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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