Top 5 Android Apps & Games of the Week (#27, 2024)

Top 5 Android Apps & Games of the Week (#27, 2024)

From fighting in the mines to competing in the arena, from flipping through TV channels to creating your own emojis, these are the best Android apps and games of the week.

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These are the best apps and games for week 27 of 2024

It’s time again to end the week with some great Android apps and games from the Play Store. In this list you’ll find games released this week, apps that were in the news, and useful tools that we definitely recommend to you. Enjoy reading!

Zone Zero

Mobile gamers are probably familiar with Genshin Impact: an open-world game in the anime style. This week, developer Cognosphere released Zenless Zone Zero, an action game in the same style, where you compete in teams of three.

Choose your characters tactically, because everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. So play strategically to defeat the enemy. The game looks beautiful again, but it also requires a lot from your phone. So make sure you have a powerful device and more than 20GB (!) of storage space.

Zone Zero

Cognosphere Limited

Anyone who has used the app to get the latest information about TV shows knows that it has been unavailable since this month. Instead, there is another app in the Play Store: Here you will also find the programming of all your favorite TV channels.

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You can go to not only for TV. You will also find movies and series on streaming services such as Netflix, Disney Plus and HBO Max in the new app. Adjust the app to your preferences and discover the shows that suit you. The app is free to download. – Now and instantly

Defense Under Darkness

Anyone who loves tower defense games should check out UnderDark Defense. The game takes place in dusty mines, where you have to protect yourself from monsters. These enemies are coming at you in increasing numbers, so prepare yourself.

The first time

The more you know how to defend yourself, the better your defenses will be and the less likely you will be to get killed. The game is fun and casual. The controls are very easy and designed for one-handed operation. This way you can defend yourself calmly, but defiantly.

UnderDark : Defense

liberal dust

Google Keyboard

Do you use a Google Pixel, Motorola or Nokia phone? You are already using Google’s keyboard: Gboard. Do you have a phone from another brand? Then we definitely recommend replacing your standard keyboard with this one, as it is full of useful functions.

For example, there’s Emoji Kitchen — we did a video about that this week — where you can create combinations of existing emoji to send new images. You can also control the keyboard with one hand and easily scroll through large chunks of text. It’s handy, so be sure to give it a try.

Crushing battle

Battle Crush hit the Play Store a few weeks ago and it’s a really cool game to play. The game has a Battle Royale mode where you compete against 29 others to be the last one standing, but you only have eight minutes to do so. This makes for a nice, fluid, and varied gameplay.

Crushing Battle: The beginning of an exciting battle!

Choose your character tactically here too. Are you looking for massive strength or fast agility? There are also so-called Ultimates – the most powerful attacks – that you can use to a limited extent in the game and with which you can throw your opponent out of the arena. During the game, parts of the map disappear and the last person standing wins.

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