Top 5 Android Apps and Games of the Week (No. 19 2023)

Go out and spot the birds flying around, make contactless payments or learn the world map by heart. Here are the best Android apps and games for this week.

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1. Stellarium Mobile

On clear nights you can see many stars in the sky. Perhaps you easily recognize the Big Dipper (Destiny), but you don’t know the others yet. With Stellarium Mobile, you can identify any constellation by pointing your phone at the sky.

The app also shows where the satellites are flying and you can zoom in on specific planets. curious? Then download the app and sit back in the evening and discover the starry sky. I listen!

Stellarium Mobile Star Map

Star Labs

2. The way home

In The Way Home, you start out trapped on a strange island. Fighting, discovery and investigation will find your way home. Choose your strategy, acquire different skills for each character and collect resources to build buildings.

way home

The game has a retro design and is easy and intuitive to control. This is how you defeat monsters and bosses. The Way Home – unlike many other games – takes place vertically on your smartphone. You can download the game via the button below.

3. Google Wallet

Do you have an Android smartphone with an NFC chip? Then there is a good chance that you use Google Pay. The Google app uses the NFC chip in your smartphone to make a wireless connection to a payment terminal. In this way, you can easily pay contactless in shops, cafes or supermarkets, for example.

Pay with your Android smartphone

The app automatically recognizes when you hold your smartphone against a payment terminal and immediately starts paying. Don’t worry, because you won’t be attacked offline. The smartphone must first be unlocked. Want to know exactly how wireless payment works with your Android smartphone? Then read our comprehensive article.

4. World Map Quiz

Have you paid attention to topography in the past? Test it out with the World Map Quiz app. With quizzes about countries, flags, rivers, mountains and more, you won’t get bored. There are also different levels of difficulty for each topic.

Promotional video for the World Map 2021 competition

There is also an online scoreboard. If you guess all countries within a short time, you can submit this score. You may be the fastest tobo taster in the world! The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

World Map Quiz

Qbis Studio

5. A picture of a bird

The sky is blue and the birds are chirping. But what bird was that? You will find that with Picture Bird. The app helps you identify birds in your backyard. Or when you spot one in the woods, of course.

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Bird watching Bird picture

You can determine this on the basis of sound and images. This way you can quickly find the matching bird. Bird lover? Then save it to your personal collection. This way you quickly learn more about the flying animals around you.

Photo bird: identifying birds

Next Vision Limited

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