Tom Hanks: Straight people can no longer play a role like me |  stars

Tom Hanks: Straight people can no longer play a role like me | stars

“Nowadays, you shouldn’t turn to a straight guy for a role like this anymore. Philadelphia’s message was ‘Don’t be afraid.’ One of the reasons people aren’t afraid of this movie is because I played a gay guy. But we’re past that point now, People wouldn’t accept it now if a gay man was not chosen for the role.“Because it’s not original,” Hanks said, he also announced that he would no longer accept such a role.

Reactions rained down on social media. Someone praised the fact that Tom Hanks considers “authenticity and acting” more important than “the most suitable actor gets a part”. The other also appreciates Hanks’ remarks, but at the same time stresses the importance of Philadelphia at the time and praises Hanks’ “extremely reliable” performance in it. However, many strongly disagree with Hanks, calling it “bullshit.” “It represents. You are involved in playing a certain character.”

By the way, Tom Hanks was discussed a lot on social media the day before. Fans were concerned about the way he shivered during a speech on Australia’s Gold Coast, during the film’s premiere. Elviswhich was filmed in that city and in which he plays the legendary manager of the singer.

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