Tom Eggers disappeared Sunday as presenter of Studio Sport | NOS Sport offenses

Tom Egbers will not broadcast NOS Sport Eredivisie on Sunday. With this, the presenter wants to offer peace to the editors and the program, because of the uproar that arose after the article. De Volkskrant About infringing behavior in NOS Sport. Gert van ‘te Hof replaces Egbers. NOS is reporting this to this site. The announcer will speak to all employees who appear in the article.

Volkskrant He has had conversations with 32 NOS Sport employees in recent months about abusive behavior in the workplace. This resulted in an image, among other things, in which a number of people who define the image, including presenters, commentators, and reporters, are deemed untouchable and held structurally above their heads. The editors-in-chief were not sufficiently aware of the toxic atmosphere of the work.

Egbers is one of the names that came up in the search. For example, the Studio Sport personality (then 48, 65 now) is said to have made advances to a 22-year-old intern in 2005. He would say over and over that he loved her. He also sent many text messages and emails. He also sometimes called her in the middle of the night. In the end, the woman, who continued to work at NOS Sport after her internship, fell for his advances, he writes De Volkskrant. The two kiss several times. In 2009, the woman reported this to the editor-in-chief.

In the late summer of 2008, when the relationship had already ended, the woman says that Eggers’ wife, Yankee Decker, called her. Dekker — now associated with Morris Hotline, an institution for unwanted conduct in the television sector, among other things — has taken over the case.

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In that conversation, the employee confesses to Decker what happened. Then the situation escalates. Eggers repeatedly bullies her in front of her classmates, calling her an “axis of evil”, as well as “poison” and “serpent”, among other things. Two other employees also say that Eggers makes a gesture towards her pretending to cut someone’s throat. In addition, he was telling his colleagues not to work with her anymore. According to the woman, Eggers also harassed her outside of the workplace.

Volkskrant He also has an email from a fellow NOS to the woman stating that Egbers is often guilty of indecent behavior towards women in the editorial office.

In the end, the woman reports the facts to the editors. He promises to talk to Egbers and advise her to go to the police if he continues. According to her, the conversation with Eggers came to nothing: the bullying continues. A year later, the woman left NOS Sport.


In this Volkskrant article, former presenter Aisha Margadi tells her story, among others. She says she was widely bullied in the newsroom during her time at NOS. Among other things, she said, she was berated for her background and ridiculed for her supposedly limited knowledge.

The four-person editor-in-chief, led by Martin Nutter, said this week that she would stay on for the time being. The editor-in-chief is stepping down in phases due to an investigation yet to be conducted, but also to ensure continuity of sports coverage.

According to various media experts, including Fons van Westerloo and Ruud Hendriks, the NOS director and editor-in-chief of NOS Sport must resign immediately.

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