Tokyo 2020 |  This is in the program for the eighth day of the Olympics

Tokyo 2020 | This is in the program for the eighth day of the Olympics


Finishing alone is enough for Kieran Padlow to win the gold medal. So the Dutchman could theoretically take his time and go on a fun ride to the end. But Badloe will still be keen to show himself during the last race, despite winning the gold medal already.

Lilian de Geus will also take action in the waters for the last time in Tokyo tomorrow. Unfortunately, De Geus no longer has a chance to win a medal, but will be pushed to do well during the medal race. De Geus starts work at 07:33, Badloe at 08:33.

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Fimki Heemskerk and Ranomy Kromovidjogo will take action tomorrow during the 50m freestyle semi-final. Heimskerk crawled through the eye of the needle and qualified for the semi-finals in 16th place. Also among the men will be two Dutchmen in the 50m freestyle: Thom de Boer and Jesse Potts. With four Dutch players, there are enough chances to qualify for the final. The semi-final matches start at 04:11.

Medals will also be handed out tomorrow in swimming, with a chance for the Netherlands as well. The Dutch national team is participating in the mixed final 4 x 400 meters medley. In addition, the finals are in the men’s 100m butterfly, 200m backstroke and 800m freestyle. Watch swimming from 3:30am.


The triathlon starts so early in Tokyo that you can stay awake so the start signal is given at 00:30. Swimming, cycling and running, the triathlon has traditionally been a very challenging part. How exactly does a triathlon work?


She’s only 21, but after a great year she’ll have a medal at the Olympics: Fimke Ball. The Dutch super talent comes into play in the fourth round of the 400m hurdles. Round one starts at 02:00 AM. Tonight, the Olympic Games for Nadine Visser will start at a distance of 110 meters from 03:45. There is even a chance to win a Dutch medal tomorrow in the mixed 4x400m final at 14:35. The United States will also enter this final after being disqualified by the jury.

The other Dutch who will be competing in athletics tomorrow are: Jorinde van Klinken (discus throw), Menno Vloon (pole vaulting) and Tony van Diepen (800 metres). Watch all athletics tonight from 2am.

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Unfortunately there is no Enrico Lacruz in the men’s today, but the quarter-finalist of Nochka Fontaine. The Dutch will be in the ring at 06:24 against Canada’s Tamara Thibault. Fontijn won the silver during the Games in Rio, so can she at least match her performance since then? And there’s more boxing on offer, starting at 4:00 a.m.


You can say that the judo tournament was not a success for the Dutch national team. With so many nominees for medals in the ranks, including Henk Grol, one bronze medal isn’t enough. Tomorrow is the last chance to win a judo medal, and the Netherlands will take action at 04:25 in the mixed team. If the Dutch go through to the final, it will be at 11:30.


It was the surprise of the Tennis Championships, as Novak Djokovic lost in the semi-finals. The Serbian still has a chance to win the bronze medal. For the women, there will be the final (Bencic – Vondrosova) and the battle of bronze (Rybakina – Svitolina) tomorrow. There is a Bronze Chance in Mixed Doubles and Women’s Doubles. All kinds of tennis can be seen from 8:00 in the morning.

What is there tomorrow?

  • 01:30 am: Equestrian – races held
  • 03:10 AM: BMX – Freestyle (men and women)
  • 08:00: Diving – semi-finals with Inge Janssen
  • 10:00 am: Football – Quarter-finals (Men)
  • 11:30 am: Hockey – Germany – Holland (woman)
  • 2:00 pm: Basketball – USA – Czech Republic (men)
  • 2:30 pm: Handball – Norway – Holland (woman)
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Where are you looking?

The Olympic torch is burning. All sports can be watched live on both Eurosport and Discover +. The Olympic Basketball Tournament can be watched exclusively at Eurosport and discovery +. A subscription to Discover + (including access to all entertainment) costs €5.99 per month and €29.99 temporarily per year, here you can stream every sport and every medal won during the Olympics. There’s also a daily Medal Zone exchange program on Eurosport 1 and discovery+ so you don’t miss any of the events. Click here to get a subscription.

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