Tokyo 2020 |  Japan's softball team extends its Olympic title at the expense of Team USA

Tokyo 2020 | Japan’s softball team extends its Olympic title at the expense of Team USA

convincing victory

There was not much to criticize about Japan’s victory. The result could have been broader. American ball players With great catches the japanese points can be played in.

Tokyo 2020 – USA – Japan – Softball – Nice catch

Tokyo 2020

Tokyo 2020 – Australia – Canada – Baseball / Softball – Olympic highlights

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The big woman on the side of the house was the bowler Yukiko Ueno. She was responsible for six of the seven rounds she didn’t give up running and only two of her basses, while bringing back five American hitters into the dugout.

small contribution

Despite the fact that the Dutch softball team unfortunately failed to qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the final was a small Dutch contribution. Third referee Mariana Prinz and top scorer Dennis Doyen gave the softball final a little orange tinge.


Now that the softball tournament is over, it’s the baseball’s turn. Here too, Japan and America are the top candidate teams. An excellent opportunity for Team USA to immediately take revenge on the homeland. Read everything you need to know about the baseball championship here.

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Tokyo 2020

Tokyo 2020 | Australia is no longer giving up a quick lead in softball

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