Tokyo 2020 |  American fencers protest against their teammate

Tokyo 2020 | American fencers protest against their teammate

Not only did the pink mouth masks stand out, but it also appeared that Hadzic was wearing the plain black mask. He’s used to it now. He never felt like part of the team for a moment. He had to travel to Tokyo separately from his teammates and would stay there in another hotel secluded from the Olympic Village.


His teammates Jake Howell, Curtis McDouald, and Yusr Ramirez would have preferred not to have Hadzic with them. This has to do with the sexual assault allegations against Hadzic. The 29-year-old fencer denies the allegations and has successfully appealed the ban that prevented him from participating in the US team.

Tokyo 2020

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07/31/2021 OM 12:19

He embarrassed his teammates and the US Fencing Federation. Hoyle, MacDonald, and Ramirez have publicly expressed their concerns about the safety of mathematics during the Olympic Games. They also stated that Hadzic’s presence would negatively affect their emotional and mental abilities to prepare and perform.

So the fencing association took action. They separated Hadzic from his teammates and prevented him from training with duels in his preparation. Howell, McDonald and Ramirez went even further on Friday by introducing themselves in a pink beret. With this they drew attention to the victims of sexual abuse, but also in protest of Hadzic’s presence.

played quickly

By the way, the American team was quickly outdone. They lost to Japan 39-45 on Friday and finished ninth during the Nations Cup.

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Tokyo 2020

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