to more quality

to more quality

What method do you study in school and can they stand the test of science? What do children learn best? This question has been the subject of research for some time, but the results don’t find their way into the classroom very often. This is changing. As evidence-based work in education progresses, these scientific research findings serve as a springboard for innovation and improvement.

How can I increase learning performance? How can I increase equal opportunity for my students? These are the questions that evidence-backed action can serve as a guide to making well-founded choices and taking the next step when it comes to quality education. But working with informed evidence goes far beyond just knowing what’s going on in science. It is also important that you give curious teachers space to delve deeper into scientific research and give them time to share this knowledge with colleagues, as a principal. As a school leader, you are the driving force, inspiring and motivating the process.

The fact that evidence-supported work is increasing makes me proud. Because this is where the ambition of the Dutch school principal shines through. Desire to provide better education than ever before, to create a school climate where children learn with pleasure and where teachers have at least as much fun in front of the class. This is where you as a school leader can make a difference. As AVS, we are happy to help you continue to make that difference, for example through this framework that provides you with practical tools and inspiration to continue innovating education with the help of science.

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