Tjeerd de Groot (D66) wants to conduct independent research into the Schiermonnikoog power cable

Tjeerd de Groot (D66) wants to conduct independent research into the Schiermonnikoog power cable

There is a lot of discussion about cables, because they have to be laid directly through Schiermonnikoog. Many parties and organizations prefer a route on the eastern side of the island.

counter experience

Independent scholars should be asked to consider the minister’s decision-making process, according to D66. The faction calls it “counterexperience”. The party wants to leave the selection of scientists to university organizations in the sciences, as well as to ensure independence.

D66 member De Groot says, “As a result of the uproar and debate requested by the D66, the minister promised to reconsider. But there is a possibility that if the same experts are asked, you will get the same answers about the way. As a council you are there to check on the minister, so why not ask a number of Experts on your own to investigate the arguments of the Minister?

Anti-chamber force

In other words, control by the Sejm, which, according to de Groot, is more important today than anything else. “It is also good to watch this as a council in the context of the debate on power and counterpower.”

In the proposal, de Groot wrote: “Given the importance and the intense public discussion on this topic, we consider it important not only to rely on the information provided by the Ministry, but to independently strengthen our media position.”

Searching during summer vacation

The D66 assumes that there will be a public discussion on the issue after the summer in politics. In the meantime, an investigation can be done. In particular, he should delve into the proof and arguments of the Minister. And in particular why is it different from those of the provincial governments in Frislan.

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