Titanic musical is more than a Jack and Rose love story

Titanic musical is more than a Jack and Rose love story

“It’s very interesting to look at that,” says protagonist Renee Van Couten, who plays ship designer Thomas Andrews, in a conversation with the National Ports Agency. “So the people are the story and the ship is the place.”

The show premiered on Broadway 25 years ago and the song will return to Holland in the fall. Titanic from Musical It tells the story of a huge cruise ship TitanicWhich left the English port of Southampton on April 10, 1912 for New York. There were 1,301 passengers and 941 crew members on board. The musical tells the story of six men working on board the ship and three girls who want to immigrate to America.

Most everyone knows the movie version of TitanicBut the music is based on the book. “The movie is actually the romantic version of the story,” says Mariska Van Kulk, who plays Ida Strauss. “I’m not going to be on the bow of the ship, no. The musical tells the story of the people who were on the ship.”

“You see all kinds of people, from the poor to the rich. Everyone has their problems and dreams,” Renee says. “It’s actually a microcosm that was on Titanic,” adds Mariska. “It’s about young people who are hoping to get a job in the US and make money. You see courage, hope and dreams. But also fear: who gets a place in a lifeboat.”

The original musical won five Tony Awards in 1997, considered one of the most important musical awards. Renee, who played roles in, among other things Les MiserablesAnd the Aida On AvoidHowever, a little pressure is felt. “It really became a new project, so you can’t compare it to each other,” he says. “I’m excited.”

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