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Do you love to dance and want to try something new? Then leave Saturday 12 June blank on your agenda. On that day the Union Salsa Dance Company organizes a Workshop day Where you will learn five different dance styles for free.

During the day of the workshop, the following dance styles will be discussed: Latin fitness, bachata, salsa, reggaeton and kizumba. If you want to discover which dance style you like the most, this is your chance!

the program

If you haven’t heard of the dance styles mentioned before, we’d like to explain what you can expect. Behind each dance style, you can read what time you attend class on June 12th.

  • Latin Fitness (13.00): Latin Fit is perfect for anyone who loves Latin music and wants to work on his or her personality. The intense dance moves make Latin Fitness a real workout. Although, thanks to the cool Latin rhythms, you probably don’t even realize you’re working out!
  • Bachata (1.15m | 2.15m | 3m): This dance comes from the Dominican Republic and is famous for being very sultry. something for you?
  • Meringue sauce (14.00 | 15.00 EUR): You know salsa without a doubt. It is one of the most famous dances in Latin America. Good to know: Dance is done in pairs, but you don’t need a permanent dance partner for lessons.
  • Reggaeton (4.15 pm): Always craving the delicious songs of J Balvin, Daddy Yankee and Nicky Jam? Then you definitely want to try this dance class!
  • Kizumba (5 pm): This sensual dance can be seen as the Angolan form of Tango.
  • Lady design (5:15 pm): Do you want to shine more on the dance floor? Then this lesson is recommended. You’ll work with different techniques, until you learn to move more femininity on the dance floor.
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Good to know: One lesson lasts about 45 minutes. More information can be found Here. Do you want to register directly for the day of the workshop? you do that This page.

Every Friday: Free salsa lesson

Can’t you come on June 12th? From Friday, June 11, you can participate in a free trial lesson every Friday at 19.30 pm مساء If you are a harlot. The lesson lasts about 50 minutes and you should Pre-registration.

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