Tino Martin’s relationship almost fell apart: ‘We started living separately’

Tino Martin’s relationship almost fell apart: ‘We started living separately’

“It was a terrible period,” Tino says in an interview. secretly. The fact that their relationship is about to end seems like a failure to him. He says he wasn’t able to work during that time. “I slept badly, thinking was difficult and even acting was almost impossible.”

The popular singer seriously considered that things wouldn’t work out between him and Kimberly. “But I knew we liked each other so much. I stuck with that. And maybe it should have been, because we match better now.” The two have been together for seven years.

Kimberly is also happy that the two continued to fight for love. “We went to live separately and sat around the table,” she says. “In the end, it turned out that there were still enough feelings.” What made synergy between the two difficult was the amount of work. Tino and Kimberley work out a lot. “We were just working, living for each other,” Kimberly said.

When the couple is in the Netherlands, they say they work “nearly ninety percent of the time”. We try to eat it together as much as possible. “Those moments are very important,” Kimberly said.

Tino describes his and Kimberly’s life as “extremely boring” because of all the work. Because of his work rhythm, he always sleeps until about eleven o’clock. And that while Kimberly is a morning person. She sometimes finds it uncomfortable to sit downstairs alone. But by making more time for each other when possible, things improve between the couple.

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