Tinlicker: Utrecht dance duo to Pinkpop via America

Tinlicker: Utrecht dance duo to Pinkpop via America

Tinlicker’s second album was released by Anjuna Beats and initially debuted in the US. Then the two make an important decision: they go on a label tour in America. Eighteen evenings as opener. It’s a big investment, but it works: Tinlicker’s popularity is growing. And then the team gets a gift: a TikTok viral hit with ‘Because You Move Me’, a melancholy song that has thousands of people suddenly dancing. “We still don’t know how it happened,” says Jordi. ‘But suddenly that song was on all kinds of lists.’

So we quietly move to the present, although we must not forget one decisive step: in the early years Tinlicker was a DJ act. One that plays only its own music (and, for example, its own hit edits by Robert Miles and Gosheen), it’s still a DJ act. But Tinlicker upgraded to an Ableton Live act during the lockdown. This immediately puts the group in a different league, for example, from Pinkpop or the prestigious concert series at Cashouter in Amsterdam, where Tinlicker’s name appeared between Underworld and Roisin Murphy this spring. The show was their only home country so far this year, with Amsterdam being the only city in which Dinlicker embarked on their own European tour for the first time.

Tinlicker, two friendly guys who’ve long passed the fomo, are insensitive to more hip stuff, but decisive where necessary. That brings them to a rewarding end for Landgraf on Friday, just before headliner Meneskin enters the tent. ‘Just a moment. It’s great that it’s working now,” says Micha Heibor. ‘We were approached last year as well, but we couldn’t because I was the best man at my best friend’s wedding.’ After all, it is very important.

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