'Tinder Swindler' denies scam: 'I just wanted to meet some girls' |  gossip

‘Tinder Swindler’ denies scam: ‘I just wanted to meet some girls’ | gossip

On the American news programme Inside Edition From CBS, he denies being a fraud.

“I was just a bachelor and wanted to meet some girls on Tinder,” Leviev said in a preview released of the conversation. Born in Israel, also known as Shimon Hayut or David Sharon, he says he is a “master” and certainly “not a monster.” Liliev also believed that people should not make judgments too soon. “People don’t know me, so they can’t judge that.”

The full conversation, which is split into two parts, will be broadcast on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The text continues below the TikTok message.

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With the new interview Inside Edition you will hear my testimony. I am a gentleman, a good man! .. they say I cheated but listen to the truth.# Simonlev

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at Tinder scammer Three victims, including a Dutch victim, announced that Leviev was going to defraud different women for millions of euros via the dating app Tinder. He made them believe that he was very wealthy and the son of a diamond magnate.

In the documentary, he appears to hit several women and then declares that he is in danger and needs money. Victims gave him cash or their credit cards and thought he would pay them later.

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