Time table, track information and history

Time table, track information and history


History The Circuit of the Americas

America has not always been part of Formula 1. They had their own races. The Indianapolis 500 is the most important auto race of the year in the United States. The Indy 500 has long been part of Formula 1, but has been a separate event. However, it didn’t go together. F1 actually came to America in 1961. round’Watkins GlenAn absolute disaster was caused by its mud puddles, which caused America to disappear from the Formula 1 calendar. Until 2012, Hermann Dilke the Great Circuit of the United States designed.

The name is F1 Circuit America: Circuit of the United States

America’s first F1 championship race: 1961

After the heavy rains in 2015, the land subsided and became very potholed. After many comments from drivers, the asphalt was tackled this year. So good news!

Recent F1 winners: Max Verstappen (2021), Valtteri Bottas (2019), Kimi Raikkonen (2018)

Teams with the most road wins in the United States: boat (10), Lotus (8), McLaren (8) and Mercedes (6)

Max Verstappen in America

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F1 Circuit of America

This is amazing QuotaDesigned by German Hermann Dilke. It’s nice and fast, with quick cornering combinations and plenty of room for overtaking. With a height difference of approx 40 meters, which is an extreme ‘peak’ in the calendar. The impressive first corner is known as a ‘signature curve’round. Formula 1 car reaches maximum speed 314 km per hour. Fun fact: Drivers brake only 14% of a lap, 60% at full throttle.

America’s longest F1 circuit: 5,513 km

Sergio Perez in America

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How many laps in the US F1 circuit?: 56

The F1 circuit is the fastest race lap in America: 1:36.169 Charles Leclerc (2019)

Max Verstappen at COTA 2021

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One thing not to miss in America is burgers and beer. On average, more than 12,000 Ate cheeseburgers and 32,736 Liter of beer. So, this system is working well. World famous singers and bands performed during the event American Grand Prix occurred.

Orange fans in America

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F1 round at Circuit of the Americas

Watch a virtual lap with Sergio Perez at the famous circuit here:


World Championship Standings F1 USA

Max Verstappen won the shortened Grand Prix of Japan at the Suzuka Circuit by a wide margin to claim his second world title.

Due to the time difference with the USA, the race will take place at 21:00 late in the Dutch evening. Perfect for the evening people among us!

Free Training 1 – October 21: 21:00

Free Training 2 – Oct 21: 23:59

Free Training 3 – October 22: 21:00

Eligibility – Oct 22: 23:59

race – October 23: 21:00

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