TikTok star Stephanie, 31, ends up in hospital after selling gases in jars

TikTok star Stephanie, 31, ends up in hospital after selling gases in jars

Stephanie herself said she thought she was having a heart attack and that she was going through her last moments press jam. However, according to the doctors, the symptoms were due to her preening. And the last one was too much.

In November, Stephanie, aka Steve, began selling her fart. She didn’t do it alone. She received several requests from her online followers. All in all, you made a sloppy $200,000.

To meet the demands of her clients, Stephanie had to fill about fifty jars with her farts every week. Therefore, she lived on a diet full of beans and eggs. She later added protein drinks to this, as she found that they make the smell of gas worse.

However, things got worse one night when Stephanie lay in bed and felt something in her stomach. She was having trouble breathing and even stabbing pains. “I called a friend to take me to the hospital because I thought I was having a heart attack.”

That same night, Stephanie was in the hospital. She didn’t tell her doctors about her fart work at first. “I told them about my diet. Then I was told I wasn’t having a heart attack, but was in a lot of pain from the gas.” Then the doctors advised Stephanie to change her diet. “I did, which ended my work.”

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