TikTok shows which videos are paid for by the government

TikTok shows which videos are paid for by the government

If an NPO puts a TikTok video online, it will now be presented with a label. This way you as a viewer know that you are watching a video funded by government money. TikTok This makes a clear distinction between these types of videos, not only in the Netherlands, but also in forty other countries.


TikTok is doing this in countries like China, USA, Russia and European Union. According to Video Social Media, it wants to be transparent and provide useful context for videos. It actively seeks out which media outlets are paid for by the government or not. For example, it engaged 60 media professionals to verify this. Is a medium mislabeled?

TikTok is playing a little more positive to get attention. It has had a lot of problems with privacy violations and in response to all the media attention on those matters, it seems to be coming with more transparency now. For example, it has proposed to the US government to introduce an algorithm that recommends videos. It’s not made public, but many people who hire America to do so get that look behind the scenes.

America vs China

If something isn’t right or something against the US algorithm, they can report it Bite Dance. If nothing is done, they can go to the US government. By the way, these people are paid by ByteDance, which seems a bit strange on the one hand, but on the other hand: I hope that if they are appointed by America, they will be less prejudiced. Of course you never know for sure.

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Something else is arranged to worry the US: TikTok’s data in the US passes through Oracle’s servers, so that Oracle also has insight into the data. 2,500 people work there, but they will not be Chinese employees. All of this is to prevent something TikTok’s initiatives have been used for years before: the US is constantly threatening to ban TikTok. Will they continue to be admitted through this system?

Back to the Netherlands: What TikTok is doing in terms of labeling content is nothing new. YouTube has been doing it for a long time, as has Facebook.

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