Three-year-old Johanna Dineke of Swan Lake was provisionally crowned and champion in the United States

Three-year-old Johanna Dineke of Swan Lake was provisionally crowned and champion in the United States

Johanna Dineke of Swan Lake was temporarily crowned at Springfield (Norbert 444 x Weird 409). Chris Piovarchi’s mare was also crowned Breeding Day Champion. The three-year-old mare had the four-year-old Hilka YL Steer (Vibren 464 x Onne 376) as reserve champion, who also received first premium with her steed. Four-year-old Hilka Young Living is bred by Essential Botanicals and owned by Cole Saunders. Enter mare Sophia EFF (Bene 476 x Mintse 384) also received first premium.

In the three-year-old class, two trees received a star with a second premium, both from breeder Erin Miley. Joplin van Djitsche MFF ster (Norbert 444 x Alvin 469) and Leona Hinke MFF ster (Fridse 423 x Fetse 349). His half-sister, five-year-old Dianora Hinke MFF (Pen 476) was promoted to the second premium star from the studbook, thanks in part to his stepping.

79.5 points for Urbanus G. fan ‘e Rydwei

KFPS judges Will Thijsen and Franz Smits also judged several IBOPs. Urbanus G scored the highest score of 79.5 points. Fan ‘e got Ridway Ster Sport AA (Vibren 464 x Anton 343), who was allowed to double his A forecast. Urbanus is owned by Clifford Dice and bred by Sipke van der Veen from Rottevallen, who has already passed the study season as a successful breeder abroad. The eleven-year-old champion in Canada, Jinte Fan ‘e Ritwester (Uldrik 457) is from the same mother: Berber Fan ‘e Ritwester Favorite Performance (Anton 343 x Kaije 295), who welcomes her seventh star offspring. Star announcement from Urbanas. Apart from Arbanus, the four-year-old stallion Kalahat KGF Stur (Julius 486 x Reinder 452) also received a star. The ten-year-old gelding Malachite of Full Spectrum (Sipke 450 x Rypke 321) was awarded a star with a second premium.

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Five foals with first premium

They presented five orange ribbons to the colts: two colts and three fillies. Both colts are from Erin Miley’s stable. Vuitton MFF (Teun 505 x Tsjalle 454) and Titleist MFF (Tsjalle 454 x Alwin 469). For fillies, the first premium went to YliyanaD. Fan Legend (Thorben 466 x Hessel 480), a daughter of Yilja Adv Gruen AA, was bred by JangeFPS breeder Amarins de Vries. Taleena D. fan Legend (Teun 505 x Epke 474) and Ulani fan Blessing Hill (Bene 476 x Fridse 423) also received first premium.

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