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In the process of completion Saints Row 2 re-release To make the game playable on PC on modern systems (free for all Saints Row 2 owners on Steam). There are also some minor graphical improvements (decent widescreen support, support for resolutions above 1920 x 1080, increased draw distance) as a bonus, all DLC (released only on Xbox 360) is also included. GameSpy support is being replaced by Steamworks for online multiplayer. Nothing else has been removed. This way, you can still play directly on the LAN, and all the original music is still in the game (unlike some of the weaker AAA versions).

The driver is IdolNinja, the community manager who personally stands behind Gentlemen’s class patch For the original game, making the Xbox 360 version of the slightly salty version of the game as playable as it could be on PC (and adding a lot of extra stuff). The sad news is that He’s dying. He’s still been working on the patch for as long as possible, and he’s also made preparations for the transition.

I’m actually looking forward to this much more. 3 and 4 were too much “out there” (and milky in terms of downloadable content), while Part 2 was still about the core of the series. :)

Saints Row 2 has to be the best co-op experience you’ve ever had. Never get bored for a minute while playing.

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