Thousands of people evacuated from camps in southwest France due to wildfires |  Abroad

Thousands of people evacuated from camps in southwest France due to wildfires | Abroad

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They have the support of six firefighting aircraft. Firefighters from other parts of the country arrived to the rescue. Drought and high temperatures of 35-38 degrees make extinguishing difficult. According to the local authorities, the damage to the forest is enormous, but no other damage has been reported. There are no injuries

On Wednesday, about 6,000 campers were evacuated overnight due to the fire in southern Arcachon, about 50 kilometers from Bordeaux. It is not known whether Dutch vacationers were among those evacuated. At night from Wednesday to Thursday, a hundred people had to quickly leave in the town of Cazaux, on the lake of the same name. There was a fire on the tourist beach known as Dune du Pilat. The beach was also closed as a precaution, as were adjacent regional roads.

The forest fire near the dunes and the coast was caused by a broken car that caught fire, according to local media on Tuesday. The evacuees from the camps were housed in a display park and in the parking lot of a supermarket in La Teste-de-Buch. They can’t go back until the fire department has the fire under control.

The largest fire burns about 30 kilometers south of Bordeaux near Landeras. The reason for this is unknown. More than 500 residents of several villages and villages near Landeras have been evacuated.

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