Those who practice winter sports are in luck: heavy snow is expected in the Alps | outside

Those involved in winter sports this week are in luck: after a week of temperatures above 15 degrees, a thick layer of snow will fall in the Swiss and Austrian Alps on Monday.

It looks like King Winter has been back in the Alps for a while. For example, forty centimeters of snow can fall locally. In Switzerland, snow will continue until tonight, and in Austria it will stop until noon tomorrow. The French and Italian Alps are less fortunate in terms of winter showers. It hardly snows there for the next few days.

Fresh snow is more than welcome in many ski areas. Because of the warm weather last week, there is only a thin layer of snow in many places.

All in all, winter fun is short-lived. From Wednesday, milder weather will appear in the Alps. From Friday it will be more volatile.

Lots of accidents

Many winter sports areas have to deal with a severe winter this year. As a result, snow conditions are deteriorating with all their consequences. “There are a lot of skiing accidents. Two German boys, aged 17, died. It goes on and on,” said Austrian ski lawyer Stefan Wenkamp at the beginning of this year. “This is because there is not enough snow. The slopes are often narrow, but also icy due to artificial snow, which makes skiers fall faster. Danger next to the slopes. There is no soft snow there now, but rocks right there. The consequences are very dire. My wife is a doctor on a rescue helicopter and sees this every day.”

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