This will be the new jury for Holland's Got Talent 2022

This will be the new jury for Holland’s Got Talent 2022

Ali B, Angela Grothwezen and Paul De Leeuw bid farewell to the show. Who will return in the twelfth season of Hollands Got Talent They are Chantal Janzin and Dan Karate. At the jury table, they will be joined by new faces Edson de Grassa and Marc Marie Huygbrigets.

“I can’t wait to see all the talent the Netherlands has to offer with Chantal, Dan and Edson,” said Marc-Marie. “Precisely because all forms of entertainment are popping up, this is a great program and an exhilarating challenge to judge it all.”

“What I will look for is whether candidates take their talents seriously,” Edson adds. †talent is cheap So are you also willing to work hard to get the most out of it? “

Earlier this year, it was already announced that the show would return without Angela Groothuizen. on a radio show press holder Tell Angela she won’t be there in the new season. Angela has been a member of the show’s jury for the past four seasons. She says she doesn’t know the concrete reason why she’s no longer asked after four years: “You never know with these kinds of programs if they still want you. The Voice SeniorIf it ever comes back.”

The final season of Hollands Got Talent It aired in 2020. The new season will start on RTL4 in the fall. The presenter of the program will be announced later.

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