This summer wildfires caused high levels of emissions

This summer wildfires caused high levels of emissions

A record high carbon emissions have been recorded during the northern hemisphere summer. It is about the summer months of July and August. The reason for this post? Fire in the Mediterranean, North America and Siberia.

The fire in July released 1.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In August it was 1.4 billion tonnes. This is according to a report by the European Earth Observatory, Copernicus. One-third of emissions came from wildfires in Russia.

“Local weather conditions play a role in the intensity of the fire, but climate change is creating an environment conducive to such wildfires,” said senior scientist Mark Barrington. ECMWF Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service. “What is most unusual here is the number of fires, the size of the areas they burned, their intensity and diligence.”

Scientists expect wildfires to become more frequent and intense as the planet warms. The biggest wildfires this summer started during or after the summer and were exceptionally dry. More is expected in the coming weeks. The southern hemisphere is particularly at risk. There, fireballs are still going on in the Amazon and other parts of Latin America.

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In Turkey, the Copernicus satellites have the highest fire intensity ever recorded. It killed at least nine people in fires in late July and early August. The highest concentration of polluting particulate matter, also known as BM2.5, is visible from space.

Satellites set a new record on August 3, emitting twice as many wildfires during the summer months in the Saga Republic of Russia as in June, July and August.

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