This little-known vitamin may protect against dementia

This little-known vitamin may protect against dementia

The number of people with dementia is steadily increasing. Reason for researchers to search for ways to prevent disease. The relatively unknown vitamin K may play a role.

Vitamin K is mainly found in green leafy vegetables, which are already known to be very healthy. Think broccoli, spinach, and kale. They are also an important source of vitamin C, folic acid, iron and potassium. You can also find vitamin K in meat, cheese, and eggs.

It is said that this vitamin protects against dementia. Previous studies have shown a link between vitamin K deficiency and Alzheimer’s disease. A new trial in mice cautiously expands on this evidence.

Part of the studied mice group was given vitamin K for 17 months, while the other group was not. The result was clear: the animals that received the vitamin did better on all the tests. They had less cognitive impairment, better memory, and a better ability to learn.

According to the researchers, vitamin K appears to protect the brain from aging. How much vitamin do you need? About 70 micrograms a day. You will achieve this if you stick to dietary guidelines, otherwise there are supplements available.

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