This is why we say ‘het ss Rotterdam’ instead of ‘de ss Rotterdam’.

In Rotterdam we have our own rules and customs. We don’t say thatin the south’, but ‘in the south‘. We also talk about ‘The Veena’ instead of ‘Vena’. In this article we unravel a new mystery, because what about our famous steamship? Is it ‘SS Rotterdam’ or ‘The SS Rotterdam’?

The beautiful steamship is located in Katendrechtse Hoofd and officially bears the name ‘Rotterdam’. But why does everyone use the definite article ‘het’? Time to take a closer look at ‘La Grande Dame’ (her cool nickname).

A piece of history

‘Rotterdam’ was born and raised in our city, in other words: the ship’s construction began in 1956 and she was christened on September 13, 1958 by Queen Juliana in the port of Rotterdam. As the former flagship of the Holland-American Line, the ‘Rotterdam’ sailed the seas of the world. As a passenger service between Rotterdam and New York and as a cruise ship to the Caribbean. The girl eventually sailed far from home and was picked up by an American shipping company in 1997. After all, they change the name too… Rembrandt. Excuse me?!

Good news, because in 2008 the ship finally returned to its home port. He is now staying at the 3rd Katendrechtse Hooft in Mashawan. Her rich history is not lost and you can feel it as soon as you board. The beautiful 1950s interior with leather armchairs and red carpet is still there. She may not be traveling anymore, but you can enjoy it to the fullest. On board you will find a hotel, restaurant, escape room And a pool!

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The or this?

Enough history, because we need to answer our question. Is this a ‘T’ or ‘Head’ SS Rotterdam? The answer is actually quite simple. The abbreviation ‘ss’ stands for steamship, a head-word. Until the mid-1980s, people always wrote about the ‘SS Rotterdam’. As the ship was often in the news (due to loading and refitting), the article ‘de’ was also used more often.

Nowadays people actually use both articles, but officially it’s ‘head’. If you can’t remember this, use her nickname! ‘La Grande Dame’ sounds good, doesn’t it?

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