This is what we know about the secret documents found with Joe Biden |  Abroad

This is what we know about the secret documents found with Joe Biden | Abroad

That Biden himself is at least sloppy with sensitive documents flipped oververy painful for the American president. He has previously called Trump irresponsible and said that “state secrets are not safe with him (Trump, ed.)”.

Like Trump, Biden is also under investigation by a special prosecutor. Garland appointed Robert Hoare to investigate whether Biden committed any criminal acts or was negligent.

But there are differences too. Trump was about toFifteen boxes fullHe must have had about thirteen thousand documents at home, at least three hundred of which were top secret, and Biden had ten the first time and a “small number” the second.

Trump’s documents contain information about US nuclear weapons, among other things. There have also been classified national security reports from the FBI, CIA, and NASA. The contents of the documents found on Biden were not disclosed.

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In addition, the documents found were reported by Biden’s lawyers themselves. In Trump’s case, the National Archives noted that documents were missing. They were only found when the FBI searched Trump’s home.

The search and discovery of the documents at Trump’s home was part of a larger FBI investigation into the former president.

It has already been proven that Trump acted guilty. So he left after one summons to court Upload documents. It is now being investigated whether he can be criminally prosecuted.

Biden’s blaming behavior has yet to be determined. Likely no criminal charges: The US Department of Justice follows the guidance that sitting presidents should not be prosecuted.

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