This is the winner of Holland's Got Talent 2022

This is the winner of Holland’s Got Talent 2022

In the final, Seigo, Noah Tukker, Life Family, Bart van Gijn, Eline, Super Skaters, Clio, The Gem, Emmelie du Puy and CDK JR compete to win the Hollands Got Talent. Finalists have a chance to win a prize pool of at least €50,000.

The final is not live, leaving the finalists’ fate in the hands of the audience and the jury. The jury, made up of Dan Carati, Edson da Graça, Chantal Janzen and Marc Marie Huygbrigets, has to put together a top 3 after all the great performances. “You’re all winners,” says Edson, the finalists. But for the top 3 players, the jury chooses CDK JR, Eline and Super Skaters.

After that, the audience decides which of these three will be the winner. Before the results were announced, Jamai said, “I know what this looks like. So we’ll do it quickly.” The public chooses CDK JR. And that means the dance troupe is starting to win. One of the dancers replied, “Wow, just cool.” Watch their winning performance below.

This season of Hollands Got Talent miss? You see it again in Videoland. Then you see, for example, Lisette Brilliances, who participated in the show for the sixth time this season. You can see her audition below.

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