This is the most influential Moroccan city

This is the most influential Moroccan city

June 22, 2024 – 10:00 PM – Morocco


Casablanca is considered the most influential city in Morocco, according to the Global Cities Index 2024 issued by Oxford Economics. The city ranks 442nd in the world rankings, which puts the city at the top of the country.

Casablanca’s success is due to its dynamism and ability to attract foreign investments. The city has modern infrastructure, a strategic port and a diverse business community, which enhances its competitive position. Casablanca also performs well in terms of human capital, thanks to its young, dynamic population and abundant workforce (ranked 287).

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In terms of environmental quality, Casablanca ranks 225. On the other hand, the standard of living leaves much to be desired, ranking 713.

The capital, Rabat, ranks 504th overall. Rabat scores better on the environment (156th) than Casablanca, but performs lower in terms of human capital (486th) and living standards (742nd).

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Tangier occupies 631st place in the classification, with 130th place in the field of environment. In terms of human capital (727th) and living standards (717th), Tangier performs much lower. Marrakesh is ranked 670th in the ranking. The city is ranked 441st for environment and 702nd for living standards. Fez and Meknes are ranked 684th and 727th, respectively, in the general classification.

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