This is the Google Assistant alternative from Sonos

This is the Google Assistant alternative from Sonos

Sonos will equip all smart speakers with their own smart voice assistant. The phrase “Hey Sonos” captures the attention of the Sonos voice control system. He doesn’t speak Dutch yet, but you can use it in English already.

What is Sonos Voice Control?

Sonos wants to offer smart speaker users an alternative to current digital services. You’ll soon be able to replace Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant on your Sonos device for your Sonos voice control. Sonos primarily promotes the system as a privacy-friendly alternative to services because voice control does not process voice commands in the cloud, which other voice assistants do. Sonos says that all data on the Sonos device is processed.

Sonos Voice Control is rolling out as an update to all Sonos smart speakers, that is, speakers that have a microphone and already support today’s smart assistants. Voice control also works faster compared to Alexa and Google Assistant, according to internal testing from the manufacturer. It’s easy to activate the smart assistant via the settings in the Sonos app.

How does Sonos Voice Control work?

You can use Sonos’ voice controls to play music, group speakers, move music around the house, save and like your favorite songs to your personal music library, and more.

“Hey Sonos” it is hot word Which you wake up the smart assistant with. It’s even possible to quickly pass one request after another without having to say “Hey Sonos” each time. Here are some examples of commands you can give Sonos Voice Control:

  • Hey Sonos, put together the living room and dining room
  • Hey Sonos, play here instead
  • Hi Sonos, what is my battery level
  • Hey Sonos, turn on the TV
  • Hey Sonos, play Rammstein very cool
  • Hey Sonos, turn up the volume only in the bedroom
  • Hey Sonos, play something I love
Sonos Voice Control Official: This is the Google Assistant alternative from Sonos

What services does Sonos Voice Control work with?

Sonos Voice Control works with Sonos Radio, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and Pandora. More services will follow.

Who is the Sonos Voice Control for?

Giancarlo Esposito! You probably know this actor from his roles in Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and The Mandalorian.

Sonos Voice Control Official: This is the Google Assistant alternative from Sonos

Availability in Dutch

Sonos Voice Control will be available on June 1 in the US and later this year in France. Additional markets will follow, but which ones and when the manufacturer does not announce.

A big drawback for Dutch and Belgian users. The system works only in English and nothing is known about Dutch language support either. It is not expected that this function will be available until tomorrow either. They are quite important for improving speech services for new languages ​​and for companies, Dutch is not at the top of the checklist either. Services like Alexa, Bixby, and Spotify do not yet work in our language.

Sonos Voice Control Official: This is the Google Assistant alternative from Sonos

Sonos also recently launched the new Ray, a compact soundbar that doesn’t support Smart Assistants. What do you think of Sonos Voice Control? Do you want to exchange the assistant, or do you find it easier to use well-known speech assistants or talk to a Dutch speaker? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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