This is not to be missed at the Olympics today |  the Olympics

This is not to be missed at the Olympics today | the Olympics

The eleventh day of the Olympics again. With a packed program and of course again with many Dutch at work. straight highlights.

Athletics: Hurdles, pole vault, 200 and 400 metres
from 02:45

On Dutch night, you can set an alarm or stay up longer for the 400m Lieke Klaver and Lisanne de Witte and the men’s 400m hurdles final. But the real fireworks take place in the afternoon (from 12.20 pm): the pole vault final with Mino Flon, but above all Swedish star Armando Duplantis. Conclusion: Women’s 200m final without Daphne Schippers.

Dear clover © Bim Ras Photography

Sailing: sexy medals race Pickering / Deutz
From 05:33 am

Tuesday should be the day for Annemiek Bekkering and Annette Duetz, after Monday’s medal race was postponed. Take a look at the standings in the 49’er FX sailing class: the Dutch and Brazilian boater with 70 points, Germany at 73 and Spain at 77. In the medal race, Tuesday from 05:33 Dutch time, there is a lot to win, but also to losses. The Dutch boat Annemeck Pickering and Annette Deutz set sail. A consistent couple for years, the two-time world champion, however, is relatively unknown in the Netherlands. They don’t mind it, but it is clear that their lives could be changed forever if they maintain their leadership position.

Anime Pickering (right) with Annette Deutz.
Anime Pickering (right) with Annette Deutz. © Environmental Protection Agency

Basketball: the dream team
6.40 am

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Stephen Curry is coming out after a tough season, LeBron James prefers filming the new Space Jam, and James Harden is recovering from a tough year in the States. from U.S Dream Team It may not be the case, but America still sent a great basketball team to the Games in Japan. With Kevin Durant, really good for gold in London and Rio, as the biggest star. The Brooklyn Nets star surpassed Carmelo Anthony in the group stage as the most-scored US Olympian of all time. Damian Lillard and Jason Tatum are also in great shape for America.

Despite the loss to France, the group survived of course, on Tuesday awaiting the knockout stage in Saitama with an instant breakout in the quarter-final against Spain. In the lineup are the brothers Bau (41) and Mark (36) Gasol. Both were previously in Beijing (bronze), London (silver) and Rio de Janeiro (silver). Can Spain become the first country since 2008 (Argentina) to love America for gold?

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant © AFP

Cycling Track: Team Racing
From 08.30 am

Dutch runners day days. The long-term mission is set to culminate in gold on Tuesday at Izu Racecourse, Japan. Jeffrey Hoagland, Roy van den Berg, Harry Lafrisen and Matisse Buechli are the frontrunners, with three consecutive world titles and the world record in their hands.

With a different passport, top runners like Theo Boss, Nils van Hunderdahl and Sam Lightely raced at the Games, but they didn’t choose the Dutch team in the sprint, which says all about the very high level. Contest? Anyway, consider Great Britain, the reigning Olympic champion with superstar Jason Kinney. The British side have been good at playing hide and seek for four years and are there when they need to. But is stopping the Dutch enough?

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Harry Lavrison
Harry Lavrison © Bim Ras Photography

Water polo: a difficult task for the orange in the quarter-finals
From 11.20 am

Water polo fans are looking forward to a big deal in the quarter-final against Hungary on Tuesday morning. National coach Arno Havinga’s team plays at 11.20am (Netherlands time) at the Tatsumi Water Polo Center. The women had a mixed mass stage. They had a lot of fun but also conceded a lot of goals.

In Orange, all eyes are on 20-year-old Simone van de Kraats. The left talent is currently the top scorer in the water polo tournament with 19 goals. National coach Havnga is concerned about Hungary. “A very strong opponent. We Record Against Hungary is not good. We have to defend in a focused way.”

Gymnastics: Final Bart Diorlo
from 11.39 am

It was close, but Bart Diorlo put himself on the crossbar for the final last week. And after that match, he already announced that he had more in store for that final fight. He wants to do an exercise with a higher starting value. Deurloo is not into calculated gymnastics, he goes ‘all in’. And if all goes well, anything is possible.

Bart Diorloo
Bart Diorloo © Bim Ras Photography

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