This is not to be missed at the Olympics today |  the Olympics

This is not to be missed at the Olympics today | the Olympics

Two more days and then it was over in Tokyo. The software is a bit weak, but that doesn’t mean there’s a lot to watch. First an overview of Saturday, the fourteenth day.

The enthusiast already knows: the alarm should be set for 04:30. America and France play the final in Saitama. Will the “dream team,” which purists say should no longer be called that, win for the 16th time? Or could France win and win the Olympic basketball tournament for the first time?

Cycling Track: Madison Final
09:55 am

Final part today: Yoeri Havik and Jan Willem van Schip compete in Madison, also known as the pairing race. It’s not a huge favourite, but amazing things are happening on the track at Izu these days with the orange riders. Van Schep has already shown that he is in great shape, he just missed medals. Sixteen states participate in Madison, it comes to 200 laps, a good account is required.

Equestrian sport: state finals

It was close, but the Dutch show jumpers qualified for the Nations Cup on Saturday at 12:00 noon Dutch time. Maikel van der Vleuten won the bronze medal in the individual competition, but needs his teammates Willem Gref and Mark Hotsager to get back on the podium.

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Athletics: Number three for Hassan?
From 12.45 pm

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On the last day of the Athletics Championships at the Olympic Stadium, Sevan Hassan will play her third final. A fierce 10,000m fight is expected with Letsenbet Gede, the Ethiopian woman who set her world record at Hengelo in June. Also at the party: Susan Krummens, after a long run riddled with difficulties due to Achilles tendon issues. At 2:30 p.m., the women take on the 4 x 400m final with Vemke Ball, and twenty minutes later it is the turn of the Dutch men’s team, which also qualified.

Football: Olympic gold for Anthony?
1.30 pm

Brazil – Spain is the great poster of the football final. It is traditionally not the main sport in the Olympic Games, because men’s teams must consist largely of “young men”. But with Ajax striker Anthony and compatriot Dani Alves and with the Spaniards, for example, Marco Asensio on the field, there is plenty to enjoy starting at 1.30pm.

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