This is how science is making future-proof through distinguished young researchers – the faces of science

This is how science is making future-proof through distinguished young researchers – the faces of science

KNAW would like to see a file Increased opportunities for young scientists. How do we improve this situation? First of all, it is imperative that we have the opportunity to extend our contract. But more is needed, because young researchers have many obstacles that they have to overcome to become excellent scientists. In five years, science in our kingdom should appear more diverse, inclusive and collaborative.


Therefore, distinguished science must take into account diversity and comprehensiveness. But what does excellent science actually mean for young scientists? Now a wide and unrealistic set of tasks is often offered, where everything is expected from one person. You must be good at researching, writing, lecturing, communicating your research, networking, and applying for your next job at the same time.

At the same time, our career prospects depend mainly on very specific research achievements, such as publications. You cannot advance as a young scientist without publications. The current “fierce competition” is pushing the massive workload even further and jeopardizing the future of science.

The full range of tasks isn’t the only problem. Young scientists also face enormous social challenges. Topics such as climate change, institutional racism and decolonization play an increasingly important role in the university. We can only overcome these challenges by not focusing on individual recording, but by working together. The focus on competition for positions and research funding needs to fade into the background. Without inclusion, honest cooperation, and a safe working climate, there is no future for excellent science in our kingdom.


It is therefore important to allow young researchers to discover their various talents, as well as Youth Academy confirmed. After all, there are more career paths to follow in science, such as science communication, education, or social engagement. This enables us, young researchers, to use our diverse talents early in our careers to develop and conduct research as a team.

The research should not only be conducted by scientists, but the public should also participate and co-create the research with social partners. Because this contribution from the outside actually contributes to the future of science. Young researchers are not like any other researcher able to open doors for this. Developing and conducting research together leads to more interesting questions, more sustainable solutions, and broader impact.

How do we improve the position of young researchers?

omnibus science

I am from Aruba. I studied in Holland and am now doing research in the Caribbean from Holland. We have known for a long time that Caribbean students in Holland Get into the question. This was also evident from Report The National Ombudsman in 2020. But there are also few future prospects for students and scholars who conduct research in the islands’ universities themselves. There are still very few opportunities for cooperation and exchange between Caribbean universities. Although these universities have been allowed to apply for research funding from the NWO since 2019, this money from the kingdom is hardly reaching young researchers from the Caribbean, with serious consequences for research capabilities on the islands.

So we have to work together to create a new kind of ‘distinguished scientist’. Young researchers from all over the kingdom are the distinguished future scientists. That is why we young researchers have to be involved in deciding on research policy. In five years, science in our kingdom should appear more diverse, inclusive and collaborative. We have the power to ensure the future of science. Therefore, involve young scientists now in building the research landscape of the future. Watch the show here:

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