This is because of the tendency of the United States to use two masks to prevent corona

This is because of the tendency of the United States to use two masks to prevent corona

KONTAN.CO.ID – Jakarta. In the United States, there is a tendency to use two masks simultaneously to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Is it true that using two masks at the same time can be very effective in preventing COVID-19?

Many countries have appealed to their people to wear two masks at the same time as a way to increase protection from the corona virus, and its types of infection. “If we already use one mask, add one more mask to make it even better. That’s why we need to use two masks, or the N95 version is another option.” That is the story of Dr. Anthony Fucci, an allergist who is now a medical adviser to US President Joe Biden.

Biden and vice president Kamala Harris have been wearing two masks for several weeks. For example, Biden wore a surgical mask under his black cloth before taking office as US president.

On the day of the inauguration, Biden’s elected Transport Minister Pete Pattigek and her husband Chaston Buttigek took selfies wearing two masks. Meanwhile, poet Amanda Gorman also wore a surgical mask under her Prada mask.

Later, Republican senators Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio can be seen wearing their sporty masks on Capitol Hill in mid-December.

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Protection of both masks

Studies show that the mask is not really effective in preventing aerosols. In fact, a 2-3 layer cloth mask at home is only 50-60 percent effective.

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Then, in a recent study, those who wore surgical masks were only 50 percent effective in protecting others from aerosols, and 60-70 percent protecting others.

As is well known, surgical masks are made of three layers of non-woven fabric. The top layer uses medical grade polypropylene spunbond material.

Recently, Harvard D.H. Joseph Allen, a professor at the San School of Public Health, wears a surgical mask under a cloth mask to protect 91 percent of its users from various particles.

In mid-December, Lincy Marr, a leading aerosol virus transmission expert, and Dr. Monica Gandhi, a professor at UCSF San Francisco General Hospital, called for the importance of wearing two masks. “Surgical masks can act as filters, while cloth masks provide an extra layer of extra filtration,” Marr and Gandhi said.

The best mask for fall protection is the N95 type, which filters air by pulling particles through electrically charged fibers. There are also mask products similar to N95, including KN95 from China, FFP1 and FFP2 from Europe, P2 from Australia-New Zealand, KF94 from Korea and DS2 from Japan.

“Consider cloth masks to N95 and equivalent to surgical masks or surgical masks,” former CDC director Dr Tom Friedon said in a tweet on Twitter.

“The new variant will help reduce the risk of becoming more contagious,” he continued.

However, the CDC has not yet recommended N95 masks to the general public because these masks are still preferred by health workers. In addition, some people are unable to use N95 masks and are at risk of obstructing breathing. “When I instructed people to pick up the N95, I was worried they would never wear it,” the new CDC chairman, Dr Rochelle Valensky, told CNN.

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“They can also have very difficult breathing when wearing them for a long time,” he continued.

Put on and choose the right mask

Make sure to wear the mask properly. The mouth and nose should be completely closed until there are no gaps for any particles to enter. Choose a mask that can protect your face tightly. We can use light to check the object.

If we could easily see the outside of the fibers when the mask is pointing in the light, it would often be useless.

Also, a surgical mask can only be used once, and if the mask is dirty or has difficulty breathing, it should be discarded immediately. CDC recommends storing dirty cloth masks in closed plastic bags until you wash them.

“Wash quickly to avoid applying wet or dirty cloth masks. Wet masks make it harder for us to breathe, and they are less effective,” says the CDC. Masks should be dried completely in the dryer or in direct sunlight.

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