This exciting series with a Dutch actor is very popular in the United States

This exciting series with a Dutch actor is very popular in the United States

The wheel of time The series you have to grow – that will be Early adapters Of course I agree – but after that it’s fun. Not only passing clothes but also beautiful landscapes are depicted. You think you are in New Zealand, but everything is filmed in Eastern Europe! Very special. In addition, for every two episodes we enter new worlds.


But one thing that makes this series so much better and better is being women-centric. In the series, men are not allowed to use magic, but some women. This is closely monitored by Ace Setoy. The main role is also played by a woman. There is a good balance between light and dark, men and women, friendship, Female power And good and bad. The online database Imdb also sees this: more than serial scores. The series is the most-watched premiere ever on Prime Video, and also has a fan premiere event on the streaming platform Twitch. It shows how popular it is.

Is the series complicated? You can, but do not be afraid. The wheel of time Slightly more accessible than other fantasy series you know. Within a minute you will know the background and each chapter focuses on an adventure. It hurts again.

Do you see that too? The first episodes are now online. New ones will be released each week until the end of the year. You do not have a subscription yet and if you like it, you will get it This link The first month is free. Enjoy watching!

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