This Dutch Racism Case Heats Up America (VIDEO)

This Dutch Racism Case Heats Up America (VIDEO)

A bunch of idiots.

A group of bronzed youths harass an older, white man who is out hiking with his dog. Pets, sunglasses on his face, laughter and forest sounds. As the old man falls to the ground after a well-aimed kick, a bystander calls the police and his attackers flee.

The facts took place on the afternoon of May 8 in Bijnacker, Netherlands. Police began an investigation and quickly located a thirteen-year-old, a fourteen-year-old, and a fifteen-year-old.

Pictures of the incident are going viral on social media. They are also shared by US accounts. Many are convinced that this is ‘black’ racism against ‘white’ and condemn it as happening more often in recent times.

Others disagree. Perhaps criminals are also affected. What preceded it? Perhaps the elder started first and eventually got what he deserved.

Journalists then invite their followers to send them videos of white people attacking people of color so they can prove the opposite is happening…

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