This changes for you

This changes for you

Finally, it’s time, Google has also renamed the old Google Play Movies app to the Google TV app in the Netherlands. android world The changes made show you, and most importantly, what you can do with the new Google TV app.

The Google Play Movies app is now called Google TV

Most of you have Google Play Movies app installed. This is the app with the red/pink icon. It’s better to compare Play Films to a digital copy from an old video store where you can rent a movie or buy it occasionally. Google offers its own library of pay-per-piece movies, so without a subscription.

Now when you open the Google Play Movies app, you’ll see the following message: “We’re adding all your favorite Play Movies features to the new Google TV app on Android. It’s easy to find and see your favorite entertainment all in one place.” The new Google TV that was already available in the US.

Google TV

Google TV

With Google Play Movies or Google Play Movies in English, you can buy movies and watch them on your Android device, but also on your desktop or with Chromecast. ..

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Movies, series and other programs in one place

This means that you are now watching not only movies from Google but also content from other streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Disney+. You can think of this new Google TV app as the entertainment hub on your phone. It works perfectly on Chromecast with Google TV and Smart TVs with Google TV. By the way, it is not necessary to have a Chromecast or Smart TV. You can also see the app as a gathering place to search for a nice movie, series or documentary.

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You can immediately select the services you have subscribed to in the renewed application, and they will be saved in your Google account. This way, Google can give you better recommendations. At the moment, Netflix is ​​not available yet, only Amazon Prime Video and Disney+. Google indicates that you will receive a notification as soon as more services are added.

The Google TV app is available in the Netherlands: this is changing for you
The new Google TV app

Once you have added your favorite streaming services, you will be taken to the home screen of the Google TV app. This screen matches the screen of your Chromecast with the recently updated Google TV. Thus, in the application you will also see the interface with recommendations greatly on the top and bottom The best options for you (with the the recommendations we talked about earlier), look to the futureAnd popular seriesAnd Popular movies And many more categories.

For each movie or series, a rating of Rotten Tomatoes is displayed and the streaming service where you can watch the movie or series, among other things. Then click the button to open the movie or series directly in the application of your streaming service. If there are multiple providers, choose one. You can buy or rent the movies offered by Google via the Play Store, just like before.

More possibilities

Google is working on new features for Google TV. For example, a number of users can already install apps on Android TV and Google TV from their phones. User profiles are also scheduled to arrive. Moreover, the application is equipped with a remote control in the form of a touchpad. This remote can also now be found in your phone’s quick settings, so you can open it right away without having to launch the Google TV app first. You can read more about how the remote control works here.

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There is also another tab in the Google TV app Shop Where you can rent or buy movies, a Library With downloaded content and files Watch List Where you can add content to watch later.

The Google TV app is available in the Netherlands: this is changing for you
Remote in the Google TV app

Is Chromecast with Google TV now coming to the Netherlands too?

Google TV is the modified version of Android TV and can be found on the new Chromecast and many smart TVs, among other things. Google launched Chromecast with Google TV in 2020. Unfortunately, this dongle is not officially announced in the Netherlands and Belgium, while other Chromecast dongles have been announced.

However, there are signs that a device is coming our way, as Chromecast with Google TV is increasingly available in Dutch stores. Ziggo offers Chromecast with Google TV that’s already been used with a second TV, and the F1 TV app for Google TV has been released. Now the Play Movies app is also adapting to the Google TV app, and all the ticks appear to be green.

Would you like to know what you can do with this Chromecast with Google TV? Read all about it in the articles below:

Buy Chromecast with Google TV

You can actually buy a Chromecast with Google TV in the Netherlands, although the device hasn’t been officially released here. Watch here a full overview of all Chromecast providers with Google TV in the Netherlands.

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