Thirty plus, those extra pounds don't come naturally |  healthy

Thirty plus, those extra pounds don’t come naturally | healthy

There’s our excuse: New reliable research suggests that metabolism doesn’t slow down long after the teen years. Those extra pounds in their 30s don’t come naturally.

Keeping in shape is no longer difficult for people over thirty, and a slower metabolism is no longer an excuse. © ANP

Anyone who visits people over the age of thirty regularly – or even close to this non-magical limit – sees those around him or herself: suddenly the extra weight begins to come left and right. It seems like a matter of a slower metabolism. After your twenties, you have to pay more attention to what you eat and exercise more to stay fit.

Anecdote, it turns out. According to new research published Thursday in the leading scientific journal SciencesWe can no longer hide behind the metabolism argument. According to researchers, the speed of metabolism – and therefore the speed of weight gain – does not change at all between the ages of 20 and 60. Only then does metabolism begin to slow down. Not in your twenties.

Women’s metabolism

The study — which examined the digestive systems of 6,500 people between the ages of 8 days and 95 years — illustrates another misconception. Contrary to popular belief, the metabolism of women is not slower than that of men. Menopause – often cited as the reason for a fuller figure – also does not slow down your metabolism.

The results are laid out according to New York times Not only our ideas about how to keep our bodies healthy and in shape It can keep upside down. It is also expected to have implications for medical science. For example, when it comes to the appropriate dosages of certain medicines for children, adults and the elderly.

You can get help with weight loss in several ways. keep reading independent More about options and reimbursement from health insurance.

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