These famous Drenthes took on the role of drag queen in Westerbork on Saturday night. “I guess a lot of people don’t expect that from me.”

Notable residents of Drenthe took the stage in Westerbork on Saturday night as a drag queen. Among them was the deputy Henk Brink (64), who was dressed in a glamorous dress, in high heels, with buttocks and breasts and a greasy layer of makeup.

Good morning, this is something different from the county house skinny suit.

“Yeah, that’s a difference, isn’t it?”

How did it feel to be a drag queen?

“That was a lot of fun. It was really fun with all the guys, also behind the scenes.”

You are completely unrecognizable.

“That was the intention, too. I arrived a little late because I’ve had pneumonia recently, but I spent at least two hours in the chair. It was nothing, because some men were already there at two o’clock in the afternoon. Everything was going on. A thick layer of make-up.” And the wig and the breasts and the buttocks. In my case, the hips were accentuated a bit more. They have great stuff for that.”

How did you end up on this show?

“An employee of the county government lives in Westerbork and asked if I wanted to participate. I had to think about that for a while. The idea took a while to get used to, but in the end I said yes.”


“The world is polarizing tremendously. If you’re different, you won’t get involved sooner. The intent was to show that this, too, is part of society. We have to accept that together. Everyone is the same. I guess people didn’t expect me this soon.”

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Why not?

“That may be my bias, though. I don’t think many people would have looked behind Henk Brink until I got on the drag queen show.”

The goal was who had the best lip sync [vergelijkbaar met playback, red.] He did and showed the most beautiful female movements. did you come

“Maybe I was just a little bit too sick, I was so sick anyway. I chose to dance to the song my dear by Petula Clark. Fortunately, I did not have such high heels. I have fairly wide feet and this type of shoe does not fit me easily. But I did my best.”

How were the reactions?

“Just positive so far. People loved that I was involved.”

And recovered a little?

“Well, I left about half past one and at half past six the alarm went off again to do something on the farm. I am now on my way to Emmen for football.”

“You can be who you are”

Wim Boer, presenter of RTV Drenthe, won the drag queen show at the restaurant De Turfsteker.

Restaurant owner Sander Voss said the hall was packed Saturday night. Alberti Sock gave space to stage the drag queen show. “To show that you can be who you are. That was the goal of the evening and it worked beautifully. It was a huge success.”

The show in Westerbork was a variation of the TV show Make Up Your Mind, in which celebrities perform as drag queens. For example, companies such as EasyToys and Scapino sponsored the fake breasts and pumps, while Robert Bram of De Wigenkamer and Richard Saptenno did the makeup. On the judging panel was Jacques d’Ancona, Renate Snoeijing, director of Huus van de Taol and two professionals last long.

Participants are Jaap Schöker, Harry Postma, Roald Giles, Henk Brink (deputy for the VVD), Berthold Zings (well-known politician and brother of Eric Zings), Ernst Solner, Dirk Mulder (former director of the Memorial Centre), Eric Zing (former Member of Parliament on behalf of for VVD), Harry Hotting, Wim Cannon and Wim Boyer (presenter of RTV Drenthe).

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