These are the most eye-catching sports trends of 2023

Last year, everyone suddenly went to the paddle board collectively with four friends, this year there are other amazing sports trends to learn about. For example, we want to get closer to nature by doing more outdoor exercise (and we immediately give it the name hard), we only purr when sharing music and prefer to compete with our fellow athletes.

What remains the same is our desire for new activewear, which makes sense with all the fun new activewear trends for 2023. When we get those new activewear and sports bras, those are the workouts we’ll be doing this year.

These are the top sports trends for 2023:

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Rusicle. When I explain the term to my parents at Twente, they don’t know what I’m talking about, but at Randstad the Rocycle studios suddenly popped up like mushrooms. It’s propaganda that has sprung from America, where you zip around indoors (sometimes even in the dark) with banging music and motivating words from your trainer. In between, train your upper body with dumbbells and work on your thinking and endurance. A good full body workout including some mindfulness, for that!


Praṇayāma instead of Yoga

Where Pilates classes are standardly crowded and a yoga mat has been part of standard furniture since the pandemic, a new form of yoga is also gaining popularity: Prāṇayāma. Pranayama literally means “extension of life force,” where you focus your inner energy through breathing exercises and simple body movements. Many yoga schools organize workshops and courses to master this technique.

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You may have noticed that a lot of people in the gym suddenly put the treadmill on an incline. They must be working on something called the 12-4.8-30 exercise, which is a huge trend on TikTok. During this workout, you run for thirty minutes at a speed of 4.8 km/h on an incline of twelve. According to TikTokkers, this is the most efficient way to utilize your minutes on the treadmill, and you’ll get an extra glute and hamstring workout with the incline. It sounds easy, but wait until you’re close to the 30th minute!

bio watts? We understand the confusion. Biophilia is a fairly old term that literally means “love of life,” with which we actually want to say that we need to reconnect with nature. Nowadays we as humans are quite far from this (think: office buildings, sidewalks, lampposts…), so we seek out nature again where we can. Even when we do sports. Sports series David Lloyd even considers exercise biophilia one of the biggest sporting trends of 2023. So walking in the dunes, swimming in the sea, running in the woods (with those essentials of course) or bootcamping in the park is a very cool sport.

Another vague term, but it’s a huge trend within sports venues! Hyrox is the latest cardio and strength challenge where you compete against other athletes in a major event. It’s a combination of running and strength training, where the goal is to go through an entire series on some type of course as fast as possible. So for anyone looking for a new challenge at the gym, check out a Hyrox competition near you. Such a competition is very tough, so you also need to pay attention to these things while training.

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