These are the colors of the iPhone 15 (iPhone #35 news)

These are the colors of the iPhone 15 (iPhone #35 news)

The iPhone 15 release is approaching, but we already know which colors are coming soon and the date for the Apple event has been announced! You can read this and more in this week’s top Apple and iPhone news!

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iPhone 15: These are all colors (but the desired color has disappeared)

There are four new iPhones coming: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max (aka iPhone 15 Ultra in the lanes).

Now images with dolls of the latest smartphones from Apple have appeared. Here you can now also see the new colors of the iPhone 15!

These are all the colors of the iPhone 15

It’s official: the Apple iPhone event is on September 12th

The moment we have been waiting for this year has finally arrived: Apple has sent out the invitations to the iPhone 15 show! We’ll hear it all on September 12th at 7pm NST.

We don’t know exactly how long the presentation will be, but given previous Apple events, it should take about an hour or two.

Here’s what you need to know about Apple’s biggest event of 2023

The Maps app just got a lot better in iOS 17 – these are the new features

iOS 17 will soon come to your iPhone, which will give your phone useful functions again. In iOS 17, some Apple apps look a little different. The Maps app is also expanded in iOS 17, which makes the app a whole lot better. We include the new features for you!

These features really make Apple Maps better

What will Apple offer besides the iPhone 15?

Now that we are so close to the release of the new iPhone 15, we also know what else Apple has planned for September 12th. The biggest news is of course the iPhone 15, but Apple will announce more new products. It is possible that Apple will unveil these new devices alongside the iPhone 15!

This also comes!

England wants to block iPhone updates: is this also possible in the Netherlands?

In fact it sounds completely absurd: England wants Apple to ask permission for iPhone updates from now on if it can apply the fix. The Government of England demands this because otherwise Apple would close the vulnerabilities they use themselves. But what about the Netherlands?

Blocking iPhone Updates: This should not be allowed

iPhone 15 Pro: Will the action button become a disappointment?

With the iPhone 15, you can decide for yourself what action will be performed when the new button is pressed. Useful if you use an app often, for example. You can always open it at lightning speed. However, the question remains how often you will actually use this new action button.

Will this new feature disappoint?

iPhone 14 battery problem: nonsense or is it really there?

Around August 12th, the first reports of a problem with the iPhone 14 battery surfaced. The battery is allegedly draining much faster than it should. According to these people, the maximum capacity of your battery (found in your iPhone’s settings) goes down very quickly. Is this nonsense or is there really something going on?

Here’s what Apple says about the battery issue

These are the best noise canceling earphones for your iPhone

Anyone who thinks of noise-canceling headphones for the iPhone probably immediately envisions a pair of AirPods Pro. But there are many more good options out there than just Apple’s own earbuds, and especially in 2023, the competition has increased exponentially. AirPods Pro have very good alternatives these days. But how do all these smart noise canceling headphones relate to each other?

These earphones are the best!

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