There is actually a monopoly card to get out of traffic fines

There is actually a monopoly card to get out of traffic fines

Wouldn’t it be nice to always get a free ‘get out of jail free’ ticket with your driver’s license? The first time you get pulled off the road by the police, you can drive once without consequences. Passing by Mama Pennybacks for some extra gas money is preferable. As it turns out, America actually resembles something like a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

In America you have something called the Police Benevolent Association (PPA), which is actually a union for police officers. Friends and family of PBA members can receive what is called a PBA Honor Card. The card reads: ‘The bearer of this card is a supporter of BPA, try to convey all possible pleasure.’

If you pull over a driver with such a PPA card and ask for a driver’s license, it is customary to give both the driver’s license and the PPA card. A cartesi card usually also contains the name of the police officer who knows the card holder.

You can buy a Monopoly card on eBay

If you succeed (unless the violation is too serious), the police officer will likely let you go with a warning. This is mostly possible if the officer on duty knows the name on the pass. Incidentally, tickets are for sale on eBay, although we don’t think you’re scamming anyone as a Dutch tourist.

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As stated therein BBC In recent years these PBA tickets have been issued less frequently by police stations. The union itself insists on the means Public relations And get out of jail free tickets. In practice, there are stories of people who got out of the penalty with a warning, which you can listen to in the video Deputy below.

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