There are significantly fewer tourists in Curacao in February

Willemstad – The number of overnight tourists in Curacao fell sharply in February compared to January. At that time, more than 48,000 tourists visited, compared to more than 42,000 in February this year, a decrease of almost 5,500 tourists. This can be concluded from the statistics of Curacao Tourist Board, CTB.

The biggest culprit was the number of tourists from the Netherlands and Europe, down almost a quarter from last month.

The European region remains Curacao’s main source area, with almost 19,000 arrivals, followed by North America with 15,000 arrivals and South America bringing almost 5,500 holidaymakers. Almost 2,300 holidaymakers came from the Caribbean, mainly from the kingdom’s six other islands.

North America

Curacao saw a sharp increase in the number of tourists from North and South America and the Caribbean in February. The growth in overnight arrivals from these regions was 146 per cent, 82 per cent and 89 per cent respectively.

More than 10,000 tourists from the United States visited Curacao and spent an average of seven nights on the island. A majority of 75 percent stay at a resort or hotel. Canada brought more than 4,300 overnight tourists to Curacao in February, 69 percent of whom stayed at a resort or hotel. The majority of Canadian tourists who traveled to Curacao in February resided in Ontario (55 percent) and Quebec (26 percent).

Nearly 5,500 visitors from the South American region were welcomed. 55 percent of those who came to South America came from Colombia and Brazil. The majority of South American visitors to Curacao in February, 55 percent, chose a resort or hotel as their accommodation.

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In total, all visitors together spent an average of nine nights in Curacao. Most tourists who traveled in February were between the ages of 45 and 64 (36 percent) and those between 25 and 44 (34 percent). Sixty percent of all visitors stay at a resort or hotel.

A total of 16,000 (38 percent) visitors came from the Netherlands. Most Dutch visitors live in South Holland (23 percent), North Holland (21 percent) and North Brabant (11 percent).

CTB recorded 815 and 534 viewers from Germany and Belgium respectively. 54 percent of European visitors stayed in a resort or hotel.

In February, 42 cruise ships arrived in Curacao, bringing more than 103,000 cruise visitors to the island. In the month of February.

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